I’ve had a reet busy weekend in London. 

National Pizza Day fell on Friday so as a result of this magnificent news we decided to share the love for pizza, in Homeslice. Homeslice has been on my pizza bucket list for some time. They’re well known for their huge pizzas with out of the box toppings. We shared a 50/50 Salami, Rocket and Parmesan VS Chorizo, Corn and Coriander. Chorizo won for me but it was all abso beaut.

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My iPhone failed me badly for this pic, it doesn’t do 20″ justice at all.

Then for a few bevies we went to Golden Bee in Shoreditch. This rooftop bar was beaut but still stuck in Christmas with shit loads of white glitter glazed branches – to be fair it made it kinda cute. 

On Saturday at lunchtime we stumbled across Dishoom at Kensington High Street. The food is amazing! It is modern Indian cuisine but the actual restaurant is like a 1930’s Art Deco American jazz hall, it’s super quirky.

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Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Tentacle popadoms.

After lunch time Indian nibbles we headed to Victoria & Albert. We did intend on going to see the Belenciaga shaping fashion exhibition but wandering around the rest of the museum proved to be both peaceful and entertaining anyway. Mainly being childish about sculptures genitalia.

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We had a quick tea and blackberry cake break at V&A’s stunning little cafe.Just realising how OAP this sounds lol.

To complete the day’s museum antics we ended on the National Science Museum. My highlight was the floating planet lol.

To end a busy day we powered through to God’s Own Junkyard which was definitely my highlight of the weekend. I’d seen a few people through Pinterest and Instagram tag this incredible lit up cafe covered to the brim in neon lights. It’s been high on my visit list for a while.

Unfortunately my phone did die within 10 minutes of entering the junkyard. So I don’t have as many good pictures to share with you all lol. There was an incredible range of diversity in every single sign which made it a complete junkyard of randomness. I didn’t get bored once of looking around and discovering different phrases, words, graphics etc. The atmosphere was really chilled and not too busy which was surprising for such a talker about place.

My phone dying did give me a bit of time to take in the other phoneaholics in the building and soak up the poseyness, pretty funny people watching spot. 

First fresh Sunday since Christmas was a blessing today. Due to not having to travel back until mid afternoon, we thought we better make the most of the first sun of the weekend. Started the day at Judy’s Vintage Fair pop up at York Hall in Bethnal Green.


We had a proper gander around but I resisted looking too thoroughly as I’m on a shopping ban lol. The addiction is real. As well as the fact that I have 0 space for anything new, my clothing racks are very unstable.

Photos taken from Judy’s Vintage Facebook Page.

We still had some time left on our hands so we went to the Barbican Conservatory. It’s only open for a few hours every Sunday so we got lucky. It was absolutely beautiful and so nice just so mosey around.

Similar to Gods own junkyard there we’re some hilarious people watching moments. Us tourists love a selfie.

20 thoughts on “Neon to Nature

  1. Best wishes for your part of the world. Chinese New Year on Friday which is always the 2nd new moon from the solstice. First day of spring for them.
    Must still be winter in Arthur’s land.

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