This week and weekend has felt like the longest thing ever. The snow sent Huddersfield mad from Weds – Fri, and as a result of this I have not actually been into work since Tuesday last week! I shall not express any of my true emotions on this matter.

Even though snow is pretty AF it’s a f***ing nuisance. My 4th driving test (no jokes) was supposed to occur on Wednesday morning but was obviously cancelled because of the shite snow. I think that’s another sign that I maybe shouldn’t ever drive or some serious fate so I’m cool with it for now

giphy (8)

On Friday it took me 1234930 hours to arrive in lovely Skipton, because of the white shite, to meet Scazza at her mums new vintage shop. Recently Derylin has opened Craven Recycled Clothing Company up at the top of Craven Recycled Antiques Company. The shop is selling vintage, retro and even bits of high street clothing. Tis basically mine and Scaz’s heaven. 

We’re all, (but especially Derylin) in love with the silver mannequin man who is a vintage Hugo Boss mannequin. He’s so sexi.

We spent the day on Friday dressing mannequins, pricing stock and doing A LOT of trying on and taking 3192323092 photos for the social media pages and website.

I was totally in my element on Friday. Some of the vintage dresses Derylin has got her hands on are amazing and NGL I have not returned home empty handed even though I said no shopping for March. Good effort, 4 days Honor, 4 days.Craven Recycled Clothing Company are hosting their official open day on Saturday 10th March from 10am-3pm. I will do another post next weekend with images of the finished shop as there are so many exciting things yet to arrive still to fill and style space. There will be updates on the open day and more info on stock on their Social Media pages ran by Scaz. You can find them here:



After a busy day at the shop on Friday me and Scaz got ready and went straight out in Skipton for some needed cocktails at Alexanders. I decided to wear my new mesh bodysuit from Nastygal which I’m totally in love with. 

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
You can buy here still for only £15.

As I was inappropriately wearing mesh for -2 conditions, I put my thick ass vintage mom jeans on with my luscious fave 90’s vintage belt. For the treacherous ice – I decided to wear my non grip black heeled boots, which was a banging idea. And finally I wore a beautiful brown fur coat that I fell in love with in the shop that day. I told you I couldn’t leave empty handed.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
How amaze is it ❤ ❤ ❤
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Scaz wore her amaze white, western topshop boots and a lovely 70’s style vintage jacket that was taken from the shop.

Alexanders cocktails and food were 10/10 the place was dead cute too. It was quiet for a Friday but I think that was down to the white shite. It’s very modern and almost quite art deco but European influenced too. “Sipping the Velvet” was my favourite cocktail – it was like a floral tasting pornstar martini. What is not to like about that.

We hung around in Alexanders and had talks with their staff about business opportunities for Craven Recycled Clothing Company, to join forces with them on giveaways and other potential campaigns. For these conversations I merely smiled and waved as my 3rd cocktail had made my head slightly warm lol so Scaz took a solid lead on talking.


giphy (9)

After serious talks we needed a vibe like good old Wetherspoon’s lol. We got a couple of pink gin and tonic’s and they were bloody £2.85 each. Still in shock.

We got a right taste for it and just had to kick it up a notch from wee quiet Skipton, so we spontaneously jumped on the train to Leeds. On route we randomly bumped into Scaz’s mate who was DJ’ing at a house party in Headingley. So we headed over there with him in his well-thought-out, pracitcal outfit including wellies. Us clowns on the other hand wore delicate vintage coats and heeled bloody boots. As we did intend on a “classy few” in Leeds... Which lets face it would never be the case anyway. But we rocked up to this party the best dressed (or most overdressed) gals and had a completely weird evening bumping into a gazillion people I actually knew which was weird.

A visual representation of me and Scaz at 1am.

giphy (11)

A visual representation of me at 2:30am.

giphy (10)

I left my coat and head at the party and had to feed the pain with 1238912320 different takeaways and romcom’s yesterday. Feeling all fresh this morning me and Scaz returned back to the shop to make more moves on pricing and sizing up stock, we got through SO much. I’m so buzzing to see it all finito next weekend!! Hopefully I’ll be without a hangover as well but how unlikely is that???????? V unlikely.

7 thoughts on “Skipton Weekender

  1. I know Huddersfield lost pretty convincely to Tottenham at what was very early Sunday morning for us. Hope you’re ok driving when the snow is subsided. Some of us have been unfortunate enough to hit black ice on rural roads down here in the cold months. I think the Bard has written off 2 cars from it. I like driving in the UK because you guys have 0 for blood alcohol level. Here it is just a money making exercise for those in secondary relationship with the legislators… we have 0.5 and not only some morons on the roads but some severely special people out at the night spots.

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