So because of the raging success of Osmo’s Silverising products on my hair, I’ve teamed up with them further to review more of their amazing products.

My do was seriously transformed with the silver shampoo and hair mask and the use of which resulted in the incredible results below. Link to full journey on blog here.

I aspired to get my hair back really light so that I could goLilac, without having to bleach my hair at all. 

However now after dying it Lilac for a little while, my hair has completely LOST it’s shine. I’ve naturally got pretty thick hair anyway which I love but sometimes my hair looks really matte. This can look great and textured when I want it big, curly n messy. But mostly for work and day-to-day I have my hair naturally straight, untouched by heat. To say I don’t apply a lot of heat on it, my hair is DEAD. Especially now the lilac/pink has faded a lot. To restore my hairs natural shine and bring it back to life I am trailing OSMO’s Blinding Shine collection.

SOOO my my road to shiny hair begins…

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Contents of da box:

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Don’t take a blind bit of notice of any other product…

The ultimate shine shampoo for super smooth and glossy results.

  • Ultimate shine shampoo restores natural gloss
  • The gentle formula purifies and revitalises hair while boosting natural vibrancy and shine
  • Extract of Moringa Oil and Silk Protein help nourish, moisturise and gently cleanse


Like shoe-shine for your locks…

The ultimate shine conditioner for ultra smooth and frizz free results.

  • Ultimate shine conditioner leaves hair shiny, healthy and easy to manage
  • Lightweight formula nourishes, moisturises and boosts vibrancy
  • Extracts of Moringa Oil and Silk Protein help nourish, moisturise and purify the hair

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This mask hydrates your hair and actually lifts vibrant colours in your hair. All around I’ve loved this hair mask for contributing to a solid shiny hair every day look.

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The ultimate high gloss shine spray, perfect for finishing any style.

  • High gloss shine spray for adding a luxurious shine
  • Revitalises hair leaving vibrant and sleek results
  • Lightweight formula without any sticky residue
  • Extracts of Moringa Oil and Silk Protein help nourish and moisturise



let the glare from your hair blind them…

A shine serum for smoothing  straight or curly hair. The lightweight formula provides fantastic shine and frizz free results.

  • Lightweight serum for glossy, healthy and easy to manage hair
  • Infused UV filters aid hair protection from heat damage
  • Extracts of Moringa Oil and Silk Proteins help nourish and moisturise

The difference in shine after using the finishing products (serum and spray) is absolutely amazing. These images are of my freshly dried hair a week a part after using all of the blinding shine products. I put the same jacket on (not because I’m a tramp) just to help with a visual comparison lol. My hair feels so much fresher and healthier and I never thought I’d like a shiny look. Generally speaking my hair has always been quite rough, textured (and maybe trampy looking) but I am LOVING the shine. It’s blinding I must say.

I’ll post more updates on my blinding shine journey after further use too! 

It’s not just me that’s loving Blinding Shine. Across Salons Direct, Feel Unique, Fragrance Direct and Amazon, the products have received a rating of 4.8 average out of 5. 


10 thoughts on “Osmo Blinding Shine

  1. Your hair is such a lovely color (: I’ve never dyed mine, but dream of one day going super light- maybe when my hair is shorter cause I know it’ll damage it a lot to go through all the bleaching. But it’s interesting to see the process and products that go along with the keep up! Thanks for sharing xoxo

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  2. Forget Lord of the rings, Beowulf, Ulysses, or the gospels of Jesus. Western narrative has a new benchmark for which we all shall follow… the journey of Honor Silver Hair: from dusk until dawn.
    All lords, judges, and silks wear wigs to honour her esteemed good hair.
    From now on any competent crim having a bad run who fronts the dock having a good hair day… 🎶🎶🎶 hit it maestro

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