So firstly I’d like to thank Ben Aqiba for my 2 award nominations today. I love the positive messages within your blog and your open mindedness. Please go checkout his blog! 

Questions !

Have you ever been in love?


What is your favourite song?

Kolsch – Grey. I’ll be walking down the aisle to it one day lol.

Where do you go when you are sad?

To a party, to my mum or Scarlett, or to The Hepworth Gallery

What is your favourite colour?

Pink obvs 

Meaning of your blog ?

There isn’t just 1 meaning to my  blog. It’s mainly sharing my own personal experiences in life. Obviously I have main focuses such as fashion, beauty, music and travel. The meaning is more to relate to young women like myself and share anything real.

The book you are currently reading?

More of a magazine gal. Vogue and the love magazine, always.

What instrument do you play?

I actually used to play violin and I’ve had piano lessons. But I’ve not really got a natural knack for it. I’m more of a listener and dancer. 

I nominate Kittyp0p for the TMI Tag

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