Although it’s important to recognise how far women have come with their fight for equality, today I’ve really sat back and realised how important the strong women in my life are to me today. With Mothers Day looming as well, I’ve just got completely emotional about how amazing my mum actually is.


My mum has worked in the same organisation for 23 LONG years and in all of that time she’s provided me with the best life, (in a tight Scottish way).

In all of my existence I’ve just known my mum to do the same job and deep down I could see her burning desire to accomplish more with her life. But as a mother of 3 she’s always done the best for us and coasted by but still managed to excel in her role of 23 years.

After facing a restructure of the whole organisation at her current job and a risk of her role being taken a way, she decided to take the big FK U exit and look for an alternative career. Which I totally admire, it canny be easy breaking away from 23 years of routine and security.

She worked extremely hard on her interview and presentation for her dream role with much higher responsibility. And today she called me at work to tell me that she had been offered and accepted her dream position!! I was and am absolutely over the moon for her and she described the feeling she felt as being “numb”. She assured me that she had NO self doubt that she couldn’t do it, but that she couldn’t believe she actually did it. It’s real now that she’s leaving her life of 23 years behind her and she’s got a completely clean slate.

It literally feels like she’s been waiting her whole life for this opportunity and job role and time to focus on her. I honestly wish motivation was genetics thang and she could have chucked me some down.

She’s amazing. Doesn’t matter how old you are, how many kids you have, where you’ve been or what you’ve done before. She’s taught me that you can achieve what you want (in reason – she’s a realist), if you just persist, take risks and work hard for it. What’s even more special is that her new role is being purely responsibly for helping and supporting young people in their personal, social and educational development to help them reach their full potential in society and she’ll be working on so many amazing and inspirational projects to help to develop young people. 

I mean we clash like HELL as we’re both firey, stressy and mad. But all in all I’ve spent International Women’s day with my favourite woman eating cake and drinking prosecco to celebrate not just the history of women but the future of women too. 

Big up Suz. X 

19 thoughts on “International Womens Day

  1. Love this ❤️ Congrats to the legend that is your mom! 🙂
    Even I recently wrote a blog named ‘Lets Take a Step Forward’ on Women’s Day. Please do check it out. Would mean a lot to me. ☺️

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