Cirque Du Soul

Me and Dicko (my gorgeous mate Amy), had a blast at Cirque on Friday. I’d been dying to go to another Cirque Du Soul event again after mine and Mills’ cirque experience at Islington Metal Works last summer. It’s such a MAD style of event, they’re very similar to Elrow events but they’re a bit more raw and not as flashy. 

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I needed to take Amy out and show her a good time cause she’s the most unlucky gal in the world recently. Instead of going on the piss in rank Huds which would cure us of NOTHING, we decided that Cirque would be the best shout. It’s vibrant, fun and you can get away with dancing like a bellend. The event venue was at Beaverworks in Leeds and what a sick venue it was!

From what I can recall there were 5 rooms including a good but weird techno basement all boooming with life, disco balls, buntin, fun fair rides, world flags, carnival dancers, mad plants, cool lights and weird treasure island props. Mine and Amy’s favourite was the second room with the DJ’s based in the pirates ship. They mainly played a load of funky house with the occasional and random bassline drop to perk ya up.

It’s a shame for the dog shite rainy weather but me and Dicko powered through and entered the “Planet Hollywood” fun house outside….

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It was a whirlwind of events in there. One of which was a slide, not intentionally a water slide but due to the heavy rain it was a fkin water slide. So my fabric pumps and bare legs were drenched. However, no regrets lol.

I wore an amaze little co-ord from Motel Rocks which I ADORE. I purchased the top for Ibiza last year and it’s a actually a bikini top. Then I saw that Motel had a sample sale on, so in and amongst browsing I found a matching skirt with the same print and snatched it up for a tenner there n then. You can still buy the skirt here.

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I obviously had to rock a bit of glitter because it’s cirque and why the fuck not? I ordered, THE most amazing glitter pots from Kiss&Glitter. They have endless amounts of colour and style choices and they even sell the amazing face embellishment gems that are really popular now. 

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Processed with VSCO with c8 preset


I just wanted a little infusion of glitter to match my top and new pink hair. I didn’t go too OTT cause it was so rank and raining outside. I can’t wait to stock up on more for Tomorrowland, I’m going to have a next level, extra sparkly face at ALL times.

You can get 50% off any Kiss&Glitter pots and gems etc with my code ExtrovertI. Link to website here.

Amy looked so so amazing and sparkly on Friday too in my Elsie&Fred top and my new sequin skirt from Motel Rocks as well. That they are also still stocking for only a tenner in their sample sale, look/buy here.

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I had such a fab n fun night on Friday. Yesterday morning however was not a good day for moi. My head hurt A LOT.

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      1. What my cat does, on the other hand, is builds a cubby to hide underneath and sleeps. She is really really good at it.


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