I cannot even believe how fkin good Thursday was. Don absolutely nailed it and what a venue Gorilla is.

I lived it large on Thurs as the most mega third wheel ever known lol. Me, Emma and Adam (my party parents and favourite couple ever) couldn’t say no to a 10 quid early bird ticket to see our Don. It was meant to be. Don announced his tour across Europe, for his new album Future in aid of Dutch Cancer Society to honour his dad who he was extremely close to. 


We started our evening checking into our hilarious hotel room which consisted of me in a bunk bed over Emma and Adam’s double bed. I’m literally their weird child. We went for a pre-rave yam at Nando’s and then got weird in Wetherspoon’s which was a bit of a tbt. I felt 15 again drinking dark fruits and sex on the beach pitchers for pennies.

After getting a bit too hot headed, I quickly got ready into this little black dress from Urban Outfitters, back at the hotel. I’d bought the dress last min on my lunch on Thurs.

Link to buy here.
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Emma looked super beaut with her amazing glowy skin! 

After cheeky NUS discount I think the dress was like 30 quid. Which genuinely I wouldn’t usually pay for a wee dress as I’m a stingy bitch but I can wear this again in summer and it’s pretty multifunctional! I can layer it up with all sorts like cute tees, shirts, maybe even a blouse etc… So I’ll let myself off this time – it was payday too, I could have done worse. I couldn’t be doing no more layering for Gorilla though as it’s such a small and warm venue, I can’t let Don see my sweaty!!!!

We waited like 18273049823094923094832094832423 hours in the freezing to get in Gorilla, we thought we’d beat the rush going late but we even nearly missed the start of Don.

Luckily we didn’t and we even made some mates in the queue obvs. These couples had literally hit up and were hitting up every single event we’d been to and had coming up between us 3. It was mad, we’d even previously had a picture with their flag at Creamfields in August. Mad small world. Loved so much that they had their lives so together, had kids but just loved the party and the music still and weren’t giving up on it. Emma and Adam in 15 years straight up.


The freezing cold and spitting rain was worth every second when we got in there and Don did the best set of his life. It was absolutely mad and dirty and full of his classics. Loved every second of it, even when I did get a bit sweaty. At parts it was pretty emotional too with his shoutouts to the charity and videos of his dad – it really did feel like a tribute to him and it only made the vibes.

Kicked off the bank holiday goooooood.

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