This has taken me 5 days, this Bank Holiday has been a harder recovery than bloody Creamfields.

Newcastle on Easter Bank Holiday may be an annual event for me and Scarlett now. For our second year on’t trot, we ventured up to the toon for our bank hol party party party. Before we headed to Newcastle we met in Leeds and we had a few drinks, cos why the fk not.

1st stop was Angelicas for brunch at 11am. We don’t muck about. 

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MOST beaut date in Leeds.

I had some vanilla and banana pancakes and “Passion of the Med” which is a prosecco, limoncello and passionfruit cocktail. And of course Scaz had her espresso martini in true Scaz style and some weird Ham Hock. 

We then went to Headrow House in search of a nice fruit cider and instead we got the weirdest cherry beer. I always love Headrow’s chilled atmosphere, me and Scaz fully lounged about for a bit with our bloated bellies.

For our next spot we headed for Be At One, which is fairly new to Leeds. I’ve been to the chain before in Nottingham and Manchester and it was banging. We had a couple of 241 cocktails in there that were all honestly GROSS tbh. We had French Martinis and some Blueberry Muffin vodka based cocktails – I had to hold my nose and sup. 

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We loved the bathroom though.

On route to our train to Newcastle at 3:50, we stopped of at Sainos to grab some alchohol supplies, for our 2 hour venture and we defiantly pissed off everyone on the train with our excited giggles and dancing.


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We checked into our favourite hotel in the toon, SLEEPERZ for the second time. I got changed into my outfit for the rest of the day sesh and night…

Motel Rocks crop top here.

ASOS Flared Jersey pants here.

Continuing on our day sesh we went to Jesmond to Spy Bar, which we queued an HOUR for in the POURING DOWN FKIN RAIN. It was worth it though, it was absolutely rammed with a decent crowd and some banging lil ibiza classic tunes. 

Then tbh I go a bit foggy (we were drinking quads) but apparently we went to Revs around the corner from our hotel to pass a bit of time before 11pm to head to our event at Digital. We managed to steal some wee helium balloons from Revs to have a laugh with in the hotel so my camera roll says…

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

FINALLY we got to Digital for the maddest night. We drunk WKD’s and partied away to Cristoph and Kölsch until bloody hell knows when. Pretty sure we were boogieing for about 6 hours but it felt like 1, it was over too quick! The crowd was sick too, we had shit loads of room and no elbows in our face. Me and Scaz were NOT holding back with our moves, I keep having the funniest flash backs.






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