Dear Agony Aunt

I have a party problem.

The only time I ever have a weekend off the party is if I’m literally too unwell to do so. Which is probably quite serious lol. I’ve acknowledged that I’m partying way too much and I actually want to stop (lets not be silly now), moderate it.

Everything is suffering right now because of my need to blow out, dance and seek a good time. It’s such an EXPENSIVE upkeep and generally everything else falls apart. Like routine, motivation at work etc. This weekend has given me 2 full days of reflection to REIGN it the fuck in. 

I have absolutely no capability of saying NO to party plans because

leslie jones dance music is my life GIF-source

How the hell do you say no and then watch your friends enjoy the night you should be participating in all over Social Meeds!!

I’ve diagnosed myself with:




  1. anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on social media.
    “I realized I was a lifelong sufferer of FOMO”

I’ve been told by those closest to me that it’s just a “phase” that a lot of “single people go through” as if I’ve likely lost my head. (This maybe likely) But I don’t see going out as an opportunity to be all over boys. You wouldn’t wanna hit on me if you saw me in my element dancing.

I party because I’m happy and single not because I feel lonely and want to get in a relationship. I have so much energy and I know I won’t forever. I’ll end up being a boring sod and get a boyfriend eventually and naturally all this fun will stop. Crying.

I hate how I love something so much that provides me with 1 or 2 evenings out of the week with THE BEST time ever and then the rest of the week is worse off for it. 

I’m going to try and break down my walls of FOMO, begin to sort out the other aspects of my life and move past the anxiety of missing events and partying.

This weekend I’ve only left my house to visit my dad who played me an array of classic Beastie Boy tunes and other records he’s passionate about. Although it didn’t provide me with my party buzz, I felt another kind of feeling. I felt honestly shit that I miss out on opportunities to listen to my dad’s favourite music and spend time with him whilst I’m doing my usual party thing all weekend. 

I’m not quitting my party life, because I know it makes me happy and I am doing it for the right reasons. Buuuuuut I do need to cut it down and spend more time rebuilding my health and routine! It’d be good just to say no to a few and have more weekends free like this for myself. 

I will begin this new life after Glasgow next weekend…. Let the excuses COMMENCE… 



17 thoughts on “A Weekend Off

      1. I guess you are going into summer up there. Good luck as your year continues. Look after yourself and keep being interested in things that interest you x


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