SO IT’S APRIL. Which means every day this month is a celebration of Scarlett’s birthday. My wife turns 23 next Tuesday, and our main celebration has taken place in Glasgow this weekend. We’ve had an unreal time filled with good food, drinks and new views.

It took us 5 hours from Leeds — > Glasgow on Friday lunch time from work. To ease the pain we watched The Great Gatsby which Scaz thought starred Jack Black. When Leo appeared on our screen she actually said, “Who’s that? Is he called Leonardo” erm you what hun?

We arrived to our beautiful wee Airbnb apartment in the heart of Finneston, an area Scaz has been to a fair bit on past travels. We met the seediest guy who let us in and showed us around our home for the next 3 days. What a lovely little home it was.

For our first night I wore my lush and very jazzy new glittery top from Topshop. It was only £16, which I think is gr88 for new stock Topshop. I matched it with some skinny black flares and strappy black heels.


Our first stop on the Friday night was to our reservations at The Finneston, a lovely fish and gin bar opposite our apartment. We shared sea bass and pork belly and 2 very bitter gins. The food was absolutely incredible, still thinking of that pork belly now.

We then ventured 2 seconds across the street to Rioja a really intimate, award-winning Spanish bar and restaurant. We shared a glorious jug of Sangria and boogied at our table, to kinda latino remixes of quality old dance tunes. Imagine if Pitbull remixed I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY. I did actually feel like I was in Spain, which is a feeling I will always happily welcome in my life.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

We then went on to Sanctuary on the West End which was a right chav treat. We got a bit excited when we got in there and danced like mad to One Kiss and 17 like losers.

It was only when we went outside and observed the crowd in more exposed lighting that we realised, this was probs not our scene. Me and Scaz have hit a new level of being grown ups recently and not chasing the party. We left Sanctuary at midnight with our heads held high, heels and cheesy chips in hand, really looking forward to getting into bed. Grandmas.

We arose from our ridiculously comfy bed not as early as we should have, yesterday morning. I felt totally and utterly hungover which was infuriating to say we behaved very well. I sluggishly got ready and put together a very beige and animal inspired outfit.

Coat: Craven Recycled Clothing Company – FOLLOW them on Insta here

Shirt: Motel Rocks, you can get 25% off with student card atm here

Once we got our shit together we went to Kelvin Grove Art Gallery and Museum which was seriously stunning. We entered this unbelievably grand building and were greeted by really dramatic but cool organ playing in the main hall of the museum. It was an amazing atmosphere and the dude could play!!

Kelvin Grove is the home of the infamous Sir Roger, the elephant that was shot dead for being a horny devil.

Me and Scaz particularly enjoyed the floating heads, especially Mr Sesh head. Check him out lol.

We then walked through the park to hunt down Retro, a vintage shop a 5 min walk away. I purchased a funky bucket hat for summer antics – mainly Tomorrowland in mind…

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

For our first hungover meal of the day we headed to Eusebi Deli where we ate some great fresh food on the most wacky table. Felt a bit like I was in Madrid again.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset
Dreaming and dribblin.

Then we went to Tontine Lane which was stated to be a good street art spot. The amount of  art was limited. There were genuinely like 5 pieces but it was worth visiting.

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

We then did a danger wee in McD’s without buying food cause mans gotta pee sometimes. Scaz then couldn’t resist Topshop and went crazy as usual… Different country same shiiiit.

Pretty settled into our Scottish life, we decided to take the underground back to our apartment which was a bit luvli! In a mad rush we got ready for Rotunda Comedy Club to commence our Saturday night antics.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

We saw Susie McCabe, Ray Bradshaw and Christopher MacArthur-Boyd. Susie was mine and Scarlett’s favourite. Overall the Comedy club was the highlight of my weekend. I laugh hard on a regular basis cause I’m an extra chick in general but I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in ages.

For the grand finale of the Glaswegian weird weekend, we got ready and went to Bath Street to checkout some bars. I finally got to wear my lovely Japanese inspired satin co-ord from Motel Rocks that I bought in sample sale a couple of months ago.

Top – £10

Skirt – £15

We ended up in Kushion on Bath Street which was the weirdest mainstream club I’ve ever been in. The mix of people was mad. There was a room stuffed full of sexy black men, booming out RnB obvs. Then there was a main room with shit pop tunes that mixed into Ibiza classics and full of pasty Scots. Some of the crowd couldn’t have given a flying fuck in their trainers and hoodies and some folk were dolled up like moi and Scaz. A bit of something for everyone I suppose…

Can I winge for a wee minute too? All the clubs shut at 3 fuckin AM like eh?

Absolutely everyone heads to the Casino to end their night. Na thanks. Being good again me and Scaz headed back to our lovely little home and tucked ourselves straight into bed with white sudo’d up faces. Blessed as hell.

We woke up weirdly fresh this morning, with no spots and no desire to hurl. It was GLORIOUS. Even though we felt mint we still justified buying a fuck load of fat shit food from our local Tesco to pig out on until leaving for our train.

It was a hard good-bye. I’ve loved Glasgow.

11 thoughts on “Scot’s and Scaz

  1. Glad you had a good weekend. Hope you stopped trying early into it and it took its own course.
    New moon today. Enjoy the next fortnight building to the pink moon 🎶🎶♏

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