Talking about the weather is just what us bois in Britain do. Statistics show it’s like 50% of our chat lol. But seriously it’s astonishing what a bit of sun in the sky can do to your mood.

Sunshine is a fucking big deal in my life. Huddersfield and Leeds, the areas I mainly glide between, probs experience about 30 days of sunshine in a year. So yeah it’s a pretty big deal when le sun appears.

Having to work on a day when it’s sunny as hell, is hell. So you find that you and your fellow, trapped employees want to cram in any sunshine drinking that we can get our hands on, surrounding work and breaks within.giphy

Sun makes you want to drink and see the people – It promotes full blown alcoholism but also the best memories, so I say it’s worth it.

Full sun and 25 degrees hit us up on Thursday so we had no choice but to fill our hour lunch with catching rays ft a Sol.

We went to The Lock in Granary Wharf next to our office which overlooks the muckiest canal you’ve ever seen, but it’s actually a mint atmosphere around it. The whole of Granary Wharf gets heaving with our equals, office workers having a half time blow out. We were joined by Chlo and Jeanine our Manchester chickas in the Leeds office on the Thurs too so it was a gr8 gr8 day.

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LOVE my new cheap af bag from Zara. Link to buy here.

Along with my new bag I wore my urban outfitters dress featured in my Don Diablo post. As promised I mixed it up and I wore it casual, with a wee t-shirt. I don’t tend to keep my blog promises, I hardly ever re-wear clothes and I especially never go through with quitting the party.

After work we went straight back to Granary Wharf to Boathouse, which is my personal fave bar there. We sat right on the edge of the canal still with beaming sun and a cider. 100% peng.

For the very last of the sun it would be rude not to go to the most hyped spot in Leeds, Headrow House. Afkinlove Headrow. Apart from Belgrave, there is no better Terrace to have a drink from sunset to dusk on. There was an unbelievably fit DJ smashing out a few funky house tunes to a packed terrace of people. It’s just a banging spot.

Processed with VSCO with c8 presetProcessed with VSCO with c8 preset

After Headrow we unfortunately ventured to Call Lane and then unfortunately (for me, not for your entertainment) we ended up in Oracle. Now if you’ve never been to Oracle before, imagine the worst bar in the world x it by 10346 and then imagine every twat you don’t like in there too. Heaven tbh. Don’t go.

On Friday I had to complete a normal day of work in the office, feeling beyond abnormal, still quite pissed and full of regret. By the time I got home I was unrecognisable as a person and flopped onto my grass. It was so beautiful and warm still I couldn’t go to die in my room just yet. 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
I destroyed all 3 of them and cried at the supermodels in Vogue. Regrets. 

Yesterday when I arose from a 12 hour sleep I got ready and went out to meet lovely Jeff for a catch up to get out and make the most of ANOTHER sunny day in Huddersfield. 

We decided to check out Epicure Bar & Kitchen for late brunch as I’d recently stalked the hell out of their amazing looking food on Instagram. I chose the CHEF MADE SCOTCH PANCAKES with Nutella and caramelised banana (V). And Jeff got the FRENCH TOAST CHOOSE with Nutella and caramelised banana (V) too!!

What a fuckin treat it was. It tasted as banging as it was instagramable. 

It was lovely to catch up with Jeff about our last few months in life. I’m buzzing for uni to get dealt with so she can get her ass back to Huds for summer. It was a little tease for what will end up being probs too regular after May lol.

The rest of my gorgeous sun-filled Saturday was spent walking around Longwood Reservoir and golf course, whilst eating figs which was a lovely wee adventure. To back track I’m obsessed with figs now, they’re so beaut and quirky. I have an afigtion.


Don’t even talk to me about the forecast next week.


9 thoughts on “Sun SUN SUUUUN

  1. My friends Verona and heather in the UK lament the absence of sun. In fact Verona’s doctor advised that she was sick because of the lack of sun. She booked for Spain for a week. Just got back to UK and guess what u had beautiful weather which was evident from heathers photos 🙂

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