What is better than sick company, shots, full sun and knowing full well that you have NO work the next day? Absolutely nothing. In this work life Bank Holidays get me thruuuu.

I had the sickest day / night last night with the best girl gang. 


I love loved my little purple co-ord which by the way looks fucking hilariously disgusting now. It was only 25 quid anyway but then I got 20% off so it was an abso BARGAIN from Nasty Gal. It’s down to 21 now as well. I’ll be likely listing it on my depop in the next week or so. (@honorgreenwood). I dressed it down with some converse cause I was already extra as hell.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

We started our journey, very fkin sensibly, with Brunch at the Ox Club. I rated it HIGHLY. Jeanine convinced me to go for the Flat Iron Steak & Cheddar Eggs home fries, chipotle tomato jam. 10/10. The steak was literally to DIE for. It lined my stomach perfectly.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
The club is very very visually appealing.
A wee snap of sexy Scaz during our 1720232  hour wait for Aimee and Jeanine to join the party.

Then we just had to go upstairs to Headrow House’s terrace. Would have been extremely rude not to and there was a Bank Holiday Roof Party ‘appening. And it was totally ‘appening…





After our sesh warm up in Headrow we headed straight to Merrion Street Festival. They hold it every year on the first May Bank Holiday to signify the start of Summer. They were BLESSED with the weather. The street was absolutely packed, with a mixed bag of people all getting boozy. The live band was sick and we got our bevs in MOJO.




Meet Aimee’s nipple. It kept falling out when we were grooving.
A Jeanine sized cup.

After getting VERY MERRY on Merrion Street we bounced to another Terrace in Belgrave which was as equally busy – we actually had to queue, ew. At this point, totally pissed, we started adopting different accents. Moi – Cockney, Aimee – Aus, Scaz – SICK Scottish – I think we may be many individuals worst nightmare group. We also bumped in to Jeanine’s friend lovely lovely BOB, who I still DO NOT believe is 31!!! Bob stopped ageing at 22.

Big up Bob.

Then we hit up Hifi, at Jeanine’s high recommendation. Me and Jeanine genuinely BOUNCED everywhere to the sick live Reggae Band that was performing, and we all yammed further unnecessary tequila shots. Mi heart rate was next level.

Then of course, purely for the hula necklaces we went to Call Lane Social. I feel like we danced for years. My body deffo knows I danced too much anyhow. My legs are like jelly, I can only cope with life today laid down. 

As soon as I’m on Call Lane I find it such a struggle to avoid Backroom. The RNB calls for me. So unfortunately our last bar stop was Backroom.

Our last actual stop of the night was MILL HILL KEBABS. Big Big shoutout to Mill Hill for the pengest food in the world. Aimee did not impress me and Jeanine with her cheesy chips and gravy? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Anyone else blagged by that? Me and Jeanine ordered our body weight in chicken as usual and but we only managed like one piece between us. Totally ambitious and totally pissed.


There was no chance,with the sun out again today, that even whilst feeling I could possibly die, that Ona and Jeanine were dying inside in her beaut apartment. So we ventured up to LS6 Cafe and Hyde Park for the most amazing hungover day to date.




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