Oh ma lord, I am Hanging with a capital H.

Yesterday me and my home gals celebrated one of my bestest and oldest friend turning 21! Big love to Amy (Dicko). Amy’s sister Lucy organised a massive close family and friend collab surprise trip to Leeds to do what we do best – b o o z e.  Obviously with for detective Amy she worked our plan some time ago lol.

I loved my outfit for the do yesterday, If I don’t say so myself.

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset

Depop has done me very very proud for yesterday’s ensemble. I got my dress for only 15 quid from a depop boutique “Sassy House”. Shit name but pretty nice stock. They’d reduced this dress to clear thankfully for me. This floral velvet beauty fits like a glove and the quality is lush. I’ll be listing on my depop over the next week. (@honorgreenwood)


My blazer was also purchased on depop and is originally Zara, so this would have been approx 50 – 70 quid in store, and I got for a stunning 10! I honestly feel like I rob people daily on Depop. One of my fave and cheap outfits to date. Always search on Depop before high street and other online brands!!

We commenced our 12 hour booze up at 5pm in Leeds at Electric Press Revolution which is one of the nicer Revs about. I’ve never done their cocktail making master class before because as a weird poor snob, I’ve always viewed them as quite cringey. However we had such a sick time getting involved in making and drinking shit loads of classic cocktails. After only a few minutes our area was covered in a drunk disaster waiting to happen…

James our host was in his element, he was literally fab. Didn’t rate him when he punished my shit cocktail production skills with Chilli shots though.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
But to be fair check out my perfect pornstar.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Once we were a bit hot headed we boogied to some banging 80’s. I turned around on the dance floor at one point and saw Jeff in Christine’s Wheelchair, a close member of Amy’s fam. It’s a good job that Christine has a world class sense of humour, she was in hysterics at Jeff.

Another joke Jeff moment occurred outside Revs, where I was shamelessly taking selfies of Jeff and about 5 massive dudes walked past. They offered to stand in on the pic to offer a very bespoke service. In their words, “do you want a fat bloke in that pic to make you look even nicer and skinnier”.

Amy found a very fitting hat from an over friendly hen party that at one point I thought she’d be converted to.

After that we moved down to Neighbourhood on Greek Street which was shite as expected. Full of twats. We quickly left to go to the inevitable stop we knew we’d all end up in, fkin Five Bar. We ran through Leeds in the absolutely pissing down rain to round up all the troops that had split between an Irish Bar Shenanigans and Neighbourhood. We must have done at least 4 laps it was next level. But finally we made it in one piece to Five.

To be honest it was actually really good in Huds, but as always good company makes for a good night. I’ve been avoiding a night out in Huddersfield for some time but I suppose it was a special occasion so it justifies it? All that matter was that Dicko was happy as Larry and she really was. Was so nice to be out with all of the gals on top party form, missed Sas a lot though. X Bring on summer X

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

10 thoughts on “Cocktail Shaking But More Cocktail Drinking

  1. Always good reading your accounts of what is happening over there. Your fashion sense is cool as. If I were younger I would probably have fought so many other blokes before I realized that you weren’t impressed by how tough I am. Actually I probably would’ve been passed out drunk on someone’s front lawn… but I would most definitely have saved a hip flask.
    But that’s unbearably good fashion to a Leo. I mean I got kicked out of religion class at school because I kept making the point that the Roman soldiers had much better uniforms than Jesus etc… seriously those sandal patterns are berserk.


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