This blog will contain spoilers, soz.

This season has done something to me. My brain canny work out what that is yet, but I just wanted to share my reflection on this absolutely incredible, emotional, disturbing, eye-opening and thrilling season.

This season has been mega more intense than the 1st one for me. After the first one I was really routing for a number 2, but at the same time I couldn’t even envision what a season 2 would look like. What could and would happen to these bunch of kids that felt like my best mates??

There’s a lot of hate towards the show because it’s unrealistic or whatever. Ok it probs is very unlikely that all this bad shit would happen to one group of friends. But what shows aren’t over the top? At least this one highlights real life issues people can really relate to. Once you get over the american cheese, it really sucks you in.

The most interesting theme throughout it for me is Hannah’s identity being challenged. Because the Season plays out with each individuals first hand account from their perspectives and experiences, rather than Hannah’s in the first one. There are a mixed bag of voices and perceptions of her character and her true self is brought to life.

I think this is a mint touch because I do believe first hand that everyone does have a variety of different versions of themselves that we share with different people in our lives. I like how this is explored in depth with Hannah.

Hannah’s secret relationship with Zach is one of the craziest moments for me. Full on SHOCK. The relationship end is totally relatable as well. They’re (well Zach’s) so worried about what everyone will think of their relationship, and that stops the progression. I think they really were in love but they just got scared as hell. Zach is such a pussy to be honest. I think everyone’s got past dating history with someone that ended in a similar way to Zach and Hannah. Not with the really awks “losing their virginity” scene tho.

After all of the challenging of who Hannah is, it does draw to the conclusion that she ain’t perfect but she was a good person. As a viewer, my perception of Hannah did change back and forth through each episode. It really highlights the seriousness of gossip, lies and a toxic school environment where people are easily influenced and roped into sheepishly sharing views of others. I personally feel like Hannah is not at all a “SLUT” she was just confident about herself (Until Bryce) and all of her flings were shown in a condensed way. We were all sluts at School if Hannah was.


Now I need to talk about Tyler. In the Season 2 break Recap, the filming choices are explained about the extreme intensity of the episode 13 sexual assault scene. Tyler is a total loner throughout both seasons so you are distant from him as a viewer. But within that moment they want you there with him to feel his pain. N fuck me you do. It’s not even the most violent, torturous thing I’ve watched. But it just emotionally gets you.

Any dickhead online that says you shouldn’t watch that part is an idiot. You have to be exposed the the brutality of the sexual assault to understand how serious and hideous it is. The show is to raise awareness as it’s been discovered that this kind of assault happens more than would ever be believed.

Big up to Devin Druid who plays Tyler for this scene, he’s hands down the best actor within the show.


At the end of episode 13, when they’re all at the dance and “The night we met” comes on. It’s genuinely the most emotional moment for me. That song does things to me!! When they all grab Clay and comfort him to this song I actually lost my shit to be honest.


The only thing that got me through episode 13 without dying from crying was when Justin and Jess finally seal the deal and effectively get back together… FUCK YEA.


13 Reasons Why has really helped with my own ability to help and support any of my friends that may be hurting with similar issues to those expressed in the series. Suicide is clearly not the answer as the destruction it leaves is so extremely out of hand. It shows how simple it would have been to rectify the shit that caused Hannah to commit suicide by only WORDS. Conversations and discussions people it’s not hard!!

Give it a watch if you want to get head fucked and fall in love 129809320 times with fictional characters.


9 thoughts on “My Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why Season 2

  1. Good argument and supporting reasons. Well explained. I would possibly have a look at it based on your reasoning. Good on you for making the effort to explain something you have an insight to.
    Carry on 😎

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      1. Probably a generation gap but I get the idea I can relate. I went through severe shit when I was 18 then lost my brother 18 months later. Most people wiped me as their fun and success rolled on.
        Those of us who survive tend to scare people especially when we won’t do anything wrong.
        Heard a little about this show. Couldn’t give a shit. Your piece on it gave me some insights and struck a chord.
        Thanks your Hona 😎

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      2. Yeah it’s hard as this show is totally my generation. I can see how it may not be good viewing to those that aren’t within it. Sorry to hear about your brother! Keep thinking about him and I hope you continue to be strong! Glad my blog meant something to you still. Thanks again! ☺️

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