Let’s talk about make-up. Something needs to be said.

I don’t ever want to be someone that say’s what’s right and what’s wrong but everyone has opinions and I’d like to express mine. Modern day make-up has officially taken a step too far. Girls you do not need to wear this mask of shit all the time. It’s such a big craze at the moment to get your make-up done and have this OTT plastic/contoured look all the time.

I mean come on?

I do now believe that the more make-up you wear day-to-day, the more insecure you must be as a person. Unless you’re a make-up artist lol.

I personally have taken a step back from make-up. I don’t have any major confidence issues in comparison to a lot of young women I know. However I do have to admit that I’m not totally confident in myself in front of others, without a full face on. But why the hell should that be? Why the hell do I feel the need to put on a full face of make-up to go on a run, or to the shop etc. at the risk of being seen by others.

I started to realise over the last month that I was wearing as much makeup to work everyday, as I was on a Saturday night out. I’ve worked out that on average I spend 70-80 quid a month, JUST ON MAKE-UP. Now that’s actually embarrassing.

Well I’m not doing it any more.

Last week on Wednesday was the first day I wore no make-up to work. I’m not going to lie, I thought I was going I was going to be sick when I made my way in to the office. As time went by, weirdly to me, no-one hurled abuse in my way or questioned my bare face.


No one gave a shit! Why would I even believe they would?! I’ve felt more myself these last few days than ever. I really appreciated and enjoyed doing myself up at the weekend for the Ottley Run because it felt kinda alien. It should be a treat and something to look forward to, getting all glam for the weekend.

I get anxiety about a man believing I’d be a horror to wake-up with in the AM after a dressed up date night situation. But now my bare face shouldn’t be a shock horror anymore. I want to get with a guy based off their attraction to my ACTUAL face, not my dolled up insta posts. Cause honey that is not me all the time. 

It’s time for me to focus on my skin and confidence. You can only do that by taking risks! I did cut down on make-up quite gradually. I changed from my 30 quid Estee foundation to a 7 quid Loreal one which was a lot thinner. I also stripped back eye makeup gradually in the same transition. And now I wear nawt but gradual tan moisturiser and eye brow tint, n I feel MINT.

It’s weirdly brought me closer to my family as well. They’ve said since day 1 of the discovery of fake-tan and make-up, that I’m a fake umpa lumpa and there’s no need. Now my dad actually wants to give me a hug without fear that I’d leave foundation marks on his clothing.

You will naturally get prettier if you’re natural, the sun will bring out the best in your skin as it can FUKIN BREATHE. You’ll start to love yourself after some time. Everyone needs a bit of self-love in their life.

In summary, the pros of wearing no make-up:

  • Can wake up later (MASSIVE bonus)
  • Get on the road to being confident and comfortable just being you
  • Men know the real you (na catfish)
  • Save ££££££££
  • Parents respect and love you x1000 more
  • Skin feels way healthier from direct sun
  • Cleaner bed sheets and clothes lol

Cons of wearing no make-up everyday

  • NAWT 

Give it a go girls, be you – not them! 


36 thoughts on “Trying To Be Happy Minus The Make-Up

  1. I wish you could teach my cat to use a toothbrush and toothpaste… and stop drinking water from the glass I leave next to my bed. She has 2 other bowls of water.
    It’s like she’s French…. does her makeup yet dirty behind the ears 🤣

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  2. YAS 👏🏼 preach it, honey! I can’t bring myself to wear makeup to work haha and I don’t even own any “face” makeup. I do very much enjoy drawing on my wings when I have a day off though! I’ll even dab on a bit of shadow for special occasions, it’s a lot of fun- you’re totally right

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  3. I have my days when I wear no makeup literally just my bare face and I don’t mind them. I was never really a person that wears a lot of makeup, I can’t do full glam even if I try, but I love experimenting with makeup and love the process of putting it on. I know that a lot of women like to hide underneath the makeup, but there is really no need for it. Wear it if you like it, but don’t wear it to impress others. xx

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  4. I enjoy doing my make up, is a fun relaxing time for me and a great way to express yourself and your style.

    But I totally agree that so many girls use it for the wrong reasons, not to embrace yourself as I mention before, but to try to hide a huge insecurity. It’s so sad!

    Beauty comes from health and selfcare: eating healthy, being hygienic, keeping active…

    It was very refreshing reading your post and it was so honest! Thanks for sharing ^^

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    1. Thank you!!! I agree and I personally also do make-up mainly for me and because I enjoy it but it is a dressed up version of you and that can’t be you every day!! Skincare is so important I’m starting to realise. Thank you for reading 💘💘💘💘

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  5. I don’t know you but thanks for this message. I consistently tell my wife she is beautiful just the way she is. Women, or men in some cases, shouldn’t feel the need to cover themselves in makeup in order to feel good about themselves.

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    1. I bet you’re wife is beautiful. All women are more without it! I agree it’s a literal mask that doesn’t solve confidence issues, it creates them! I hope all women appreciate and learn this at some point!

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  6. You’re not a fake person… makeup or not is your choice on the given day
    Those who matter don’t mind. Those who mind don’t matter.
    Enjoy cricket season over there. Sand papering my bat in the meantime though now if I want my government handout apparently I have to sand down the ball too.
    About to send a letter off to Wiltshire anyway ☺😃

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    1. As expressed at the beginning of my blog it is jus more my opinions! I personally love getting ready and proper glammed up and enjoy that process of applying makeup, but that’s to make me the better version of me. I personally felt like when I was applying lots of makeup every day just for work I’m not fully being me! I’ve not said once that if you apply your face with makeup you’re insecure AT ALL, I’m saying it can lead to that as it did with me! Everyone is different 🙂

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