Newcastle is always a good idea. What another fabulous day/evening to remember.

Me and Scaz were in Newcastle by early afternoon to get settled before another big night. We checked in at Sleeperz, OF COURSE, the best hotel eva. And we (well Scarlett) began a very long getting ready mission.




tenor (1)

Then all of a sudden Safari Scaz was born.


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

It takes a while to look that good. I wore a sick wee outfit from Boohoo that was actually a bribe gift from Scarlett. I interviewed one of her candidates for her earlier that week when she was ill lol. 

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

The body suit you can buy here for a tenner. You can buy the lovely cycling shorts here for 8 squid. I went a bit roadman with my little quilted bum bag and mellowed out the whole look with my doc sandals. Info on both the sandals and bag, can be found in my Summer Haul blog.

I decided to put my jeans on to head out for some drinks up the road to get us going. We started at Revs as it’s 241 and 30 seconds away from our hotel. BIG REGRETS. We ordered 2 Cherry Woo Woo’s by accident which are frozen blended drinks with horrible sprinkles on top. I couldn’t take a sip without getting mad brain freeze.

When we tried to sit down a guy literally slid a chair from under Scaz’s ass to move it to VIP and rudely kicked us out of this VIP ZONE. So we dumped our crap unfinished woo woo’s and left after 7 minutes.

Blessed with 22 degrees and full sun we decided to make a move one bar along to The Laundrette with a booming wee outside area. In this area I spotted the most attractive man in the world whilst trying to get a fit pic..

The cocktails in The Laundrette were amazing (AND FUCKING EXPENSIVE). My drink of choice was obviously the most over the top and pink one they did.



Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

We went to Quayside to find another bar and the taxi man suggested Wetherspoons. I was like hun it’s not that kinda do. We passed this absolutely heaving and beautiful looking pub and I was like oo can we go there and he was like HUN that’s Wetherspoons. Lol mugged off. In Spoons we met Paul Lavender…


I considered marrying him to be called Honor Lavender. I think he was game.

A few voddy lemonades, outfit change and face touch up later we finally got to Digital. Immediately we boogied on the empty floor, eagerly 30 mins after they opened. At this time you don’t have to LITERALLY FIGHT for a drink. £10 minimum spend on card was an absolute joke though. They know how to make their money when 2 singles are like £9.99 lol.

We solved the problem by doubling up so Safari Scaz was glowing.


The biggest struggles of going out as a twosome is that there’s no photographer for the both of us. So we got a lovely geordie to make us look the bees knees in the minging Digital toilets.

Digital felt like it got packed from 0-100 within about half an hour of being there. So we bust through to the front to get our usual sick spot. A long with the capacity increase it also felt like actual heating had been turned up to the max. It was outrageous, it got to a point where you just had to accept that you’d look like a mess.


We absolutely go for it. We joined forces with a lovely group that we met last time at Kölsch and Cristoph which was mint. I found these very sweaty faced selfies of me and Phill in the AM. I actually find lads that proper dance, and don’t just stand with a beer on the sidelines, 10x better people. Boys you should always go for it!!!!

Me and Safari Scaz look a bit like this when we’re out…


Cristoph and Prydz were sick obviously, I cried a bit when Cristoph blasted out some Deadmau5. 

On the way back we tracked our steps on the Health app to find out we’d done a mad 23k steps across the day/night/early morning lol. After checking that I actually felt my legs and feet start to hurt. Go hard and go home.

One cold shower and a cleansed face later, I definitely wasn’t cleansed but I was fkin sleepy.

One day later I still do not feel cleansed. 

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