Friday night is my favourite time of the week. I have most energy on a fri night from the adrenaline of being like GOODBYE work for 2 days.

“National Best Friend Day” was appaz last fri, so I think this post is quite fitting. I absolutely love my mates. They ain’t just my “work pals” they’ve officially crossed the line into MATES. Last Friday night was absolutely hilarious. 

Sometimes you can’t beat a simple dinner party. How middle class. 

The evening commenced with prosecco, meat, Camembert and a dry-humping machine dog.

Our meat and cheese spread was absolutely class and Aimee even got us Pink bubble to go with it! It’s all about the details.

Meet Alfie, the co-host for the evening in Aimee’s beautiful home.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

He is genuinely as tall as Jeanine and is one horny dog.

I’m still absolutely covered in his hair and my socks in his saliva. But it was definitely worth it.

We had an amazing time just chatting (shit), drinking (so we chatted more shit), danced about and enjoyed the view out of Aimee’s glorious extension.


Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

The amazing sunset arrived not too long after.


Before we knew it we realised all our alcohol had mysteriously vanished, into our systems. So we went on a fairly creepy late night walk to restock. Of course we could not leave our main man behind, Alfie’s fomo is worse than all of ours combined…


Fairly drunk, but still stable, we (by this I mean Jeanine) made the worlds best Mac N Cheese. I can’t go into detail about how amazing this Mac N Cheese was because now it is a squad secret recipe and I will cry because it’s not in my mouth right now.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

The evening ended with drumstick squishies, salted caramel puds, a VERY sore and full belly and a disgusting game of my granny went to the market. This is not PG:

A – anus

B – bowel tissue

C – condom

D – dog intestine

E – I can’t even share

F – Freddie Mercury

G – Giraffe

H – hepatitis C

I – igloos

J – jack off structure

K – I can’t even share

L – can’t remember for the life of me

M – marzipan

N – I can’t even share

O – orange bitches

P – penetration testing

My wife awaiting a late night Love Island binge in secret from the haters Scaz and Aimee.

Shoutout to Ryan (Aimee’s brother), for putting up with our weird laughs and high voice volumes. Massive big up to him for getting involved and sharing his intelligent facts.

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