Yesterday I took a trip to Huddersfield Market to scout out some bargains before my massive wave of summer plans hits me. I haven’t been to the “Topshop stall” in months as it’s only ever on Saturday’s, and I’m usually recovering from a hangover or busy as hell.

The stall has hundreds of items of clothing, all sizes, that are all Topshop and a few other high street store items, with the labels cut out. Some of the stock is currently available in shops at full price and you can get it for pennies at the stall. A fraction of the stock is defected but other stuff is absolutely perfecto. I’d recommend inspecting them as best you can, as you cannot return anything.

You can see my blog about Huddersfields’ Topshop stall location and details here.

Yesterday’s bargains:

1. Leopard print satin flares.

Well I fell in love with these CRAZY pants obviously. They’re in the Topshop sale at the moment but they’re still so fab. I only paid like 7 quid for them! I could style these until I’m blue in the face, the possibilities are endless. I do really like them dressed down with some trainers though.

2. Beige, cropped utility denim jacket. 

I hate to say it but this look is very Kardashian inspired. 

I got this in a size 16 so that it would be mega over sized. This was only a tenner and it’s  full price, 45 quid in Topshop right now, link here. I like this for both casual and a dressy up mission, I think it’d look killer with heels!

3. WOMEN FOR WOMEN slogan tee.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 presetProcessed with VSCO with dog3 preset

Fitting for 2018’s mad wave of feminism, this is my favourite tee I’ve seen, inspired by feminist campaigns. I love love the rainbow graphic design effect at the front. It’s a tenner in the Topshop sale at the moment but I bagged it for 4 quid! Link to buy from topshop here.

4. Black day bag.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

Didn’t think it was possible to love a bag but I am smitten. I am over the moon that I found this pre holidays etc. It’s the perfect small night out bag that actually has character and design!

My other bags are so basic yet this is so classy and simple. The handles are the cutest and throughout the day I could deffo remove the across the body strap,and just use the metal handles for even more of a statement. AND IT WAS ONLY 6 POUNDS! I can’t find it online so I guess you’ve just got to be jel.

5. BABE blue jeans.

So I am OBSESSED with these crazy embellished jeans. I feel like a tacky gypsy but I LOVE IT. These are a big statement. They remind me of The Ragged Priest manipulated and embellished jeans which are mega. I love these even more because these are defected with missing letters and I think that makes them better and a bit diff. 

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset
BE a babe.

These were supposed to be 65 quid in store and I got them for a tenner. Link to buy at Topshop here.


Go check it out!!!



13 thoughts on “My 5 Newest Statement Pieces

      1. Definitely! I used to live in skinny jeans and thought mom jeans wouldn’t suit me, but I bought some recently and absolutely love them! Even though they’re a simple piece, it makes my style look much more 80s – which is a look I love!

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