This is 100% the best NEW Rom-Com on Netflix right now for a chilled, funny Friday night watch.

A Rom-Com is never my go-to film genre, quite frankly I’m addicted to crime documentaries. It’s been extremely weird to watch a film about love n stuff n not psychoanalysing crazy people. It’s a good break to be honest.

Please persist past the first 5 mins of the corny american style of setting the scene in Set It Up. Once I was 10 mins in, I could sense it’d be a cracker. Set It Up is the definition of a FEEL GOOD film.


To summarise, minus any spoilers, Set It Up is about 2 overworked assistants teaming up, to set up their 2 workaholic bosses. They believe all their problems will disappear with their bosses distracted and madly in love. Even though it’s not the most sophisticated and complex of plots, there’s enough humour and minor twists to make it a really worthwhile watch.

It’s not over the top and unrealistic in today’s society like the flipping notebook. This is current romance with relatable relationships, language and style. You get really caught up in the energy of the 2 assistants and you really fall for their personalities. 

I like how the main girl Harper (Zoey Deutch) is a pizza loving, funny and relatable young woman. Zoey Deutch is definitely Americas next sweetheart. You can’t not adore and respect her acting. She’s fabulous and so stunning! Ginger women win…

f1091cf6e25078c0d5819b82f68bfe3d (1)

c89a6d464786952e862b8031ef6feb86Talking of beaut women, Joan smalls also has a role in the film. Playing basically herself as Suze, a boring model. Still absolutely BEAUTIFUL though.


Other touches from Gay David and Creepy Tim stole the show for me. Honestly please open your mind to a bit of cheese and give it a watch, it’s not 10 Things I Hate about you but it’s witty and a lot of fun.

10 thoughts on “Set It Up – Netflix Film Review

  1. Going to see Jurassic world today. Not a franchise I ever got into much. Netflix are going to persevere with Bright which recently had Will Smith and Joel Edgerton. Am keen to see what they do as it stems from cyberpunk and technopagan origins.

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