So I’ve been getting not naked, in some amazing bits from NA-KD


I’ve been struggling with online shopping at the moment especially for nice summer wardrobe pieces. ASOS has been letting me down with long deliveries and a lack of variety in stock and don’t even get me started on Prettylittlething, Missguided etc. – The quality is shocking at the moment for the price!

I’ve fallen hard for NA-KD’s own collection and their picks from other brands that they sell on too. A breath of fresh bargain garms.

Following on from my insta haul try on, I’ve linked up the 6 below items I’m in LOVE with. AND THEY’RE SO CHEAP!!!!!!

hfgreenwood20 gets you 20% off your order, my summer gift 2 u. 

This bikini top is cutest! It’s so sparkly but mellow – It looks lush with everything! It will definitely be worn for non-bikini purposes under shirts or even bravely on it’s ones. Link here. 

I love this satin extra dress. It’s neckline is really different and it looks so cute with a chunky belt like this belter from ASOS. Link here. 

I fucking love this mini top overlay. It looks class with a black bralette, as styled on their website. Finally a T-shirt that you’ll never get sweat patches in! Ideal little cheeky draft lol. Link to buy here. It’s in sale now for like 3 quid!!

This is one of my faves out of the haul. I am in the clouds in this 70’s vibe satin shirt. Get me to the disco. Link to buy here.


This PU jacket has saved my life’s mystery of the perfect black jacket. Everyone needs one in their life but most gals have that standard leather jacket from New Look. They hurt my eyes. This boxy, cool girl jacket is sick – I’m a pink t-bird lady. Even though it’s not required in current sunny weather, you always need a black jacket! Link to buy here.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

Lastly my funky af lil oval glasses. I’m done with the narrow 90’s cat eyes, these are bad boy. Link to buy here. 

12 thoughts on “NA-KD Fashion Haul

  1. You always pick out the best stuff! I just got a pair of striped pants from Urban that reminded me so much of your style (: I’ll have to tag you when I post them haha love the silver dress you got!

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