Elsie and Fred, one of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE festival fashion brands, has kindly sent me 3 AMAZING outfits. They couldn’t have arrived at a better time. This month is officially the month of Tomorrowland. Omg omg omg omg omg omgggggg.


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I feel like this playsuit is my destiny. I absolutely love it. I had my eye on it since I spotted Dua Lipa’s dancers all in it for one of her gigs. LOOK AT THEM GO! 

Dua+Lipa+2018+Billboard+Music+Awards+Show+kmlvSigN1_sl (1)
I’d marry her me.

It’s totally angelic, girly, but cute. I can’t wait to be a little drunk pixie in it on Tomorrowland’s earth! Link to buy here.


Feel like a total wild cat in this. Such a sick swimsuit! I may wear this for Ibiza either for a day boat party / Ocean Beach etc. but I think it would look sick with some shorts during the day at Tomorrowland too! Link to buy here.


Me and my lovely Tomorrowland crew have a Sequin Saturday theme so I think I’ve already won with this. Soz. What an absolute bomb shell. I’m in Love with this mad dress which absolutely lights up in the sun. My friends definitely won’t be able to lose me in this. Link to buy here. 

Check them out, you will not be disappointed with endless options for totally unique festival and summer wardrobe MUST HAVES.






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