Dear Ibiza,

I fucking love you.

What I’ve realised this time is that my pre-party anxiety was ridiculous.

Once you’re actually there it isn’t a beauty contest it’s the most positive, open minded and diverse place in terms of its crowd. I’ve made more mates in Ibiza than my whole 21 years beforehand. 

I’ve realised that my blog will never justify my amazing experiences. It’s hard to write about such good moments sometimes. I write my blog as if it’s a diary so that I can look back and remember this good shit. It’s hard to make this real for you all as quite honestly, you had to be there.


We got to our hotel for about 12pm and we were due on the Beautiful People Boat Party at 2pm – what a shite name btw. As we couldn’t check into our room yet me, Scaz and Hol had to get ready in the bathroom at reception – this wasn’t ideal at all. There were 5 lads also waiting to check in absolutely gawking at us rub sun cream on each-other and get into our bikinis. Totally seedy but kinda good to know we looked cute. The added pressure hurried us along nicely and we made the boat party.

Whilst waiting for someone to take us to the boat, our very English moaning conversation about the 35 degree heat, was interrupted by a very confident American chick.

Meet SabrinaProcessed with VSCO with dog3 preset

Sabrina was our Ibiza saving grace and lucky charm. She came to Ibiza on her ones and had just been meeting loads of amazing people online to go out with and had big balls to just approach any sod! Honestly amazing this girl. But I dread to see her go-pro footage one day of our antics. She could probs ruin my life.

The boat party was so VIP and no where near as fun and chavy as last years’ Pukka Up party. It was a good start to the holiday still and it was amazing to be out in the sea in blazing sun with UNLIMITED cocktails. 

The toilets were that packed I genuinely had to wee in a sink which was one of the lowest yet funniest moments of mine and Scaz’s life. 

We got home, very pissed, and revamped ourself for……. THE WESTEND….

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset
Hollie’s first time on the Ibiza strip was a beautiful one. She enjoyed it thoroughly.

After a short warm up on the strip we bounced on a bus to Sankeys for a wee tech night to commence our official parting. The party buses feel very special to me now as I turned 21 on the way to Sankey’s, which deffo wasn’t the most incredible setting, but we fkin made it an incredible setting.

The line-up:


I MILKED THE HELL OUT OF MY 21ST.And I don’t even give a damn. I had the best best best best best best birthday of all. I hate how much I like Ocean Beach you know. The music, atmosphere, taste of the 2399302 euro drinks, people and outfits is all just 3942048304/10. I love it

We met some absolutely AMAZING people on that day. All of which I am still in touch with. Cascade and Andy are my 2 new actual best mates. I believe you can build connections in a second with some people if you have your mind open to it. We chilled with them for hours and when they left me I felt as if I’d lost a bit of my Ibiza soul. 

My girls Scaz and Hol looked absolutely insane as well, everything just felt goooood.


Everything felt gooooooood until the morning. Suddenly my pounding headache started feeding me flashbacks of the night before. Lol – not gonna report all to the blog. The events were further confirmed by Scarlett hobbling into mine and Hol’s room with a GAMMY toe.

We pieced together that she’d fallen in the busy road when we tried to make a run for it, cause foreign drivers are RUDE AF and won’t let you cross.

Scaz handed herself over to emergency services to save her toe. To save it they shaved it, YES SHAVED. We were creasing before like imagine if the doctor that comes is a proper fit spanish man, and HOLA – sexy man enters the room. He did a very good job bless him. The toe injury cost Scaz 180 bloody euros!!!!!! She couldn’t even be arsed claiming it which still annoys me.

In the heat of all Friday nights drama I actually, *deep breath* LOST MY BRAND NEW DR MARTENS. I’ve been broken a bit since this day. RIP GONE TOO SOON.

Hobbling on we managed to get ready just about on time (not at all), for Ushuaia Ants.

The line up:

Groove Armada – the only one I actually remember 100%

Ushuaia is 100000% the best place on earth. Sabrina was still in contact with us and had some how managed to meet the most amazing group of Belgian lads. They’d got a table in VIP and were loving life with a shit load of booze and we got wristbands to join them. 






Can’t talk about it.

After calming down we went to their villa in the MIDDLE OF FUKIN NOWHERE. I have the funniest go-pro vid of us getting our way into it and exploring the beaut place. We got some mint songs blasting and more drinks flowwwing and we ended up at Amnesia for Elrow.

I didn’t expect Elrow to be as amazing as it actually was. I liked the totally weird and almost disturbing performers, props and feel in the place. The music was all very house / tech and the sexy woman DJing was sexy as fuck if I haven’t said sexy already. WOW.


Sunday was my absolute favourite of all and it’s incredible to top that Saturday… I still can’t talk about it. We absolutely DIED all day with the worst hangover so far due to all the free booze. When booze is free it just has to be drunk. Once we’d sorted ourselves out at like 7pm we got Sabrina around again and we went to watch the Sunset by Mambos. We pretty much eventually, only caught the last 2 mins of it but it was just GORG. 

Once we were all in good spirits again we headed to Sabrina’s place in Bossa. It was time to start the prep for Hi. Omg Hi.What a place!!!!! Hands down my favourite club, and it has slightly, absolutely every reason to do with Oliver Heldens residency at Cream on the Sunday.

It was the most mainstream ting of our week but it was a good way to end it. Especially for hol as she actually knew some songs!!!! Our last night was our most united, it was cute af. 

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
They have a fucking DJ in the toilet.
Avatar shit in the smoking area.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Fit Jesus Angello.

We met the most sound lads from Bristol in there and managed to get my favourite pic of the holiday whilst feeling totally unstable.


A sad day as we jetted back to incredibly sunny Manchester????? Which made it just ABOUT bareable. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t cry though. Such pure pure sadness to leave the bubble of that island.

And yes this is part 1, Honor will return with Part 2 shortly after going to lose her soul more in Ibiza tomorrow. This time it’s 5 nights – BRING IT OOOONNNNN.

13 thoughts on “Ibiza Part 1

  1. When I was a lad, Ibiza had the reputation of being the most likely place to meet incredibly hot Swedish and Danish girls. Two of my mates made it over there, Sadly, I have yet to drop in there, but as my game is up, in that regard, I wish this generation of lads and ladies all the uproariest.

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