A girl who simply likes to party. Every weekend she is seen at a party either drinking, dancing, or mingling. She may go home drunk or completly sober. Commonly associated with being whore, they are usually just ‘wild childs’, that party hard. This could include becoming drunk, or either taking a guy home with them(and some don’t even sex with the guy!). Party girls are actually very nice and are very good friends; especially if one of them gets drunk or just simply wants to go home. They are also sometimes found smoking a cigerette.


At least I can admit it. Me and Scarlett were only back from Ibiza 2 days before heading to Cocoon In The Park on Saturday. It’s the first time we’d ever been to Cocoon but it’s one I’d been looking out for for years. There was no better one to latch on to than their 10th year anniversary.

To celebrate being back on the booze again I wore my lovely new, very fitting, necklace from Capa Shop

Link to buy here for only £12, but you can get some more discount with my code “greenwood” at the checkout. 

I went all out with a very flamboyant outfit choice for Cocoon. 

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset
I am in love with this vibrant rainbow look. I matched them as a co-ord from Boohoo.

Buy the shorts still here. 

Buy the top still here. 

Pre-Cocoon I met Scarlett on Leeds Doc for a pre-rave picnic. This is her saying fuck u gluten.

I got a bit too excited about Sven on the bus ride to Cocoon, and spilled the below bottle of gin and lemonade all over us. I was a wee bit sticky all day lol.

It honestly hadn’t felt like we’d even left Ibiza with 27 degrees blessing us and techno blessing us even more when we got there. We arrived at 2pm and it was already boooooming.

After numerous recharges of energy in the shade and boogies sat on our magic fleece we went full in to the front of the crowd. It was surprisingly spacious at the front and the view was obviously insane. The view of plastic on the floor wasn’t to pretty though, there was an actual sea of plastic bottles! Sven kicked off at 7pm and then this happened….

Processed with VSCO with dog3 preset

Sven’s brother Mike (the most amazing gay German man), is known for his quirky dancing to tech. I lost my shit when he made a move onto the stage. We grabbed him when he was doing his thing at the front and managed to get a cute selfie. We were absolutely spangooooolied at this point.

Mike made it to be honest. But the whole thing was just insane, 1 stage, 1 DJ, simple lights and a pure sick crowd. We met loads and loads of people scattered throughout the day it was ace.

Being sensible bastards we left a wee bit earlier to beat the exit rush. On our way out 2 other sensible bastard Geordie’s Bez and Jenna made themselves known to me and Scaz and we shared a taxi to town with them. They were fabulous, I wish it was acceptable to adopt best mates. 

We headed down to the Cocoon after party at Mint Warehouse.


Here Hol, Sas and Jenna joined us as another mini bday celebration for me. I don’t have a birthday month – I have a birthday year apparently.

Sas and Jenna were making hilarious comments throughout the night to say the least, they don’t get out to these types of events much. Sas kept declaring that she “rated the techno rave” lmao. They executed their “rave” outfits as well.

NGL though it was TOOOO hot in Mint. If ya fancy sizzling your tits off and wanting to instantly hurl in the heat, then Mint on Sunday morn was the one for you. We just had to keep standing outside to try and even catch our breath back. It was the sweatiest place I’ve ever been.

The amazing 20 hour session ended with a well deserved McD’s so I actually felt pretty lovely on Sunday.

Now however I feel like DEATH – Everything has caught up with me.


7 thoughts on “Cocoon In The Park

  1. Another stellar party! Your bottoms are too cute- I tagged you in my most recent post cause the striped pants I got totally made me think of your style (: haha keep having all the fun in the world, girl


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