“I’m gonna be shitting glitter for a week.” – Karl Poskitt, (05.08.2018)

What an event gay pride is. Sunday was an incredibly special day. I lost my Leeds gay pride virginity and also celebrated the birthday of one of my best friends, Jeanine, and now wife. To be later explained. Every year for her birthday Jeanine uses Gay Pride as a free birthday party bringing all her friends and total strangers together – solid plan tbh.

The day started extremely giddy when I met Jeanine in Huddersfield Food and Drink Fest to travel over to Leeds together. I was shouting “HAPPY PRIDE” excessively. Even on the train into Leeds you could feel that we were heading to Pride with an amazing amount of colour and costumes to be seen on the travellers. TransPennine Express services has never been that happy.

We got to Leeds, where Scaz joined are pre-party and we headed to Priya’s lovely little house in Leeds.


She put on a lovely Birthday spread for our loved Jeanine. Then Priya and Holly brought out their presents for Jeanine. 

They got her a huge blow up ball which nearly all of us were close to passing out, from  blowing up. But the jokest presents were a bag full of all things bean related because of her well suited nickname being bean. In the bag there was just loads of sprinkled coffee beans as well lol.

In comparision to Jeanine’s rather large happy mouth we also discovered that Holly couldn’t open her mouth wide enough to even fit a malteser in it. Stay tuned for me testing this later on…

Aimee ended up joining the party as well which was spesh as I’ve not seen her in so long.

Also part of our pre-party gang was Priya’s amazing wee dog. Daisy or also known as Dave was our lovely Pride dog for the day. Daisy/Dave is the first gender fluid dog I’ve met. She/he answers both to Daisy or Dave and has both masculine and feminine traits it’s hilarious. 

The Daisy in her came out when the glitter came out. GLITTER FKIN O’CLOCK.


Some girls were just born with glitter in their veins, that is moi. I got right on the case of fixing all the girls up with a Pride sparkle.



After far too many drinks and even more giddiness we headed into town to Lower Briggate main stage. IT WAS RAMMED. We had to shuffle in, in a massive happy stampede. It was ROASTIN as well. But the tunes were playing, drag queens were out, flags were out and it was just an almighty atmosphere.

On route on the magic rainbow stairs…


I ran into a dude leaving the parade with a penis lolly. He saw my eyes dart at it and he just passed it on to me and told me to look after it. Then the dick lolly antics began. I guided our little gang through the crowd with the large penis lolly as a guide. Through the crowd I managed to get to force, in a kind way, at least 20 people to lick it.  

Anything is allowed at Pride.


THE FUNNIEST ATTEMPT of the dick antics was Holly. I KID U NOT THIS IS THE FURTHEST SHE CAN OPEN HER MOUTH!! The dick lolly beat Holly. 


After the jokes had settled I realised I was holding a germ infested lolly, so just like the owner that passed it on to me, in respect of the legacy he started I passed it on to 2 girls also admiring the willy.

They were thrilled to carry on the dick antics.

We then queued to get into Queens Court to take the party up a notch as that was were it was boooming. After a not so wee queue we got into the Court street party and lost our heads there for a good few hours. It was fabulous.

Processed with VSCO with dog3 presetProcessed with VSCO with dog3 preset

It was like a street party in Barcelona with some really bouncy housey music going off featuring a few camp classics at times, e.g Christina Aguilera – Beautiful. I remember this vividly as I was singing it extremely passionately.


What they’d done with the area was just amazing! We had such a sick boogie about and then decided we needed a break to re-charge for the night time antics. 

Soooo we met up with Karl…

“Don’t pap me”

Me, Jeanine, Priya and Karl, the last twats standing, went to the Clayton were Jeanine had a sick room for the night. Extra. HAPPY PRIDE. We took a break to RE-APPLY GLITTER and drink some cheaper booze lol. Day sesh’s are expensive. 

We also took this time to hold mine and Jeanine’s wedding which has been long overdue… Yes we were wasted but it was a very special moment. 


Then we headed straight back out to Viaduct…



But we decided to queue for Tunnel upstairs in Viaduct soon after as we knew that’s where we needed to be.


What a fuckin long queue it was. At least the queue was through Viaduct were we could still get a boogie on though.


Never was I even expecting the AMAZINGNESS that was Tunnel. It hadn’t even been described to me in detail by Jeanine and Karl so I had 0 expectation. But I did not expect how actually sick it would be. 

MY ONLY UGH IS WHY SO BLOODY HOT. Pls get some aircon Tunnel. I’ve NEVER sweat so god’dam much. Everyone was dripping. No-one cared about their face but I had to stand outside many of times cause I thought I was going to pass out lol.

The crowd was insane though, there was just glitter, sparkle and personality everywhere! The outfits and complete confidence in the air was insane. But the people didn’t just make it 10/10 the music, lights and tunnel dance room were just unreal. I’ve never heard Taylor Swift and Beyonce sound so good. Absolute credit to the DJ’s, everyone lost their mind and the music and remixes were just fucking sick.


What an amazing day. Gay Pride should be every weekend, or even better every day. No vibe beats it.

Sad that it’s over.

8 thoughts on “GAY PRIDE

  1. Congratulations to Janine and you. What a wonderful and positive post. Pride is such an amazing experience.

    I photographed pride in Newcastle last year and I felt higher than I ever have on drugs.

    You really are the glitter queen.
    Keep your sparkle bright.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Enjoy the rest of your summer over there. Always great reading what you’ve been doing in the pastures green ⛰🎶🔊🎸🥁

        Liked by 1 person

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